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With many patients considering medical, dental or cosmetic treatments overseas due to long waiting lists or high costs of private healthcare in Europe, Optimum Allianz aims to supply the information, the bests destinations and support they need to make their treatment abroad.

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Medical and cosmetic surgery

Medikalista is a digital healthcare platform, connect individuals to affordable, world-class care in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, hair transplant … offered by their carefully selected network of clinics and surgeons that all meet exacting international accreditation standards.

Medikalista is an Online Medical Travel Facilitator that provides medical care and tourist packages in Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary …

Dedicated to patient comfort and safety, Medikalista organises all aspects of a medical trip, from finding the right expert and medical coordination, through booking travel arrangements and accommodation to arranging tourist activities and post-treatment care.

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Nursing Home for Elderly People

Optimum Allianz offer a new type of nursing home abroad, with modern facilities and equipment to improve the quality of life for older people.


To be able to give our residents personalized care, the nursing home has been divided into different independent cohabitation units, where people live according to their needs.


The nursing homes are in sunny countries with a Mediterranean climate such as Tunisia.